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Blarney Armory

Grappling Hook

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Climb to the rooftops in the dead of night with this trusty grappling hook. Whether its picking locks and pilfering trinkets, or slinking in shadows and slitting throats, this is an essential tool every rouge needs in their kit.

Length: 20ft of rope

Materials: Hemp, Eva foam, Lead


*disclaimer*: this products is not intended as a LARP weapon. Most LARPs deem weapons with rope unsafe due to entanglement concerns. In addition, it is not intended to be used as a climbing implement. It is made of foam and will support little to no weight.

It is intended to be used as a prop for hanging from a belt or pack, or used when roleplaying climbing. It is made of foam encasing a small weight. it is heavy enough to be thrown vertically the entire length of the rope, and flexible enough to be pulled down again without too much risk of getting caught in whatever you threw it at.