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Blarney Armory

Orc dagger

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accent Color

 Are you an orc? are you worried about your primary weapon falling apart in the middle of combat due to poor construction, lack of maintenance, and copious amounts of rust? Are you worried about orphans who are probably a long lost heir to a Kingdom somewhere, disarming you with an imposable double backflip 360 spin kick? Not to worry, what you need is another pointy poke stick! you can even see the steel through all the rust of this knife! You will never have to worry about dying without a blade in you hand again. Don't get me wrong, you are still going to die, that's how these stories go, but at least you will have a shred of dignity while doing so.


Length: 16"

weight: .125 lbs.

This product is hand made, and dimensions and colors may vary slightly.


Core: 1/4" Fiberglass

Finish: Plastidip, acrylic paints 

Foam: Eva foam (closed cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam)

Tip: internal tear resistant fabric